Judgment against former employee of Banco Popular

The Second Chamber confirms sentence against Former Employee of Banco Popular for the loss of 25.000 dollars in dumpster.

The High Court considers that the former collaborator acted negligently by not entering into the system the deposit of a remittance for $25.000 what was it “guarded” in a dumpster by another official.

A former employee of a branch of Banco Popular y Desarrollo Comunal must pay that entity $18.750 (¢9.3 million) as a penalty for having lost $25.000 in a dump, the 17 november 2007. This was confirmed by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, September of the 2013.

The ruling was the conduct of the worker due to negligence in her work and responsibilities, for tolerating another worker an inadequate procedure in the process of depositing a remittance for $25.000, from another financial institution.

The sanctioned former official was in charge of the treasury of an office of Banco Popular. while she was away, another official named Alfaro received the deposit.

During the process, she accepted that 17 of November, in your coffee time, the employee named Alfaro asked for authorization to enter the treasury of the branch.

Alfaro did not inform him of the reasons why he needed to enter that office, nor did he inform her of the deposit made in his absence and that she (Alfaro) there was “guarded” in the garbage can of said office.

The oversight prevented him from verifying that a deposit was made for the sum of $25.000, which was placed in the dump and which was never given the respective procedure to enter it into the vault of the bank branch.

It is added that the “negligent conduct led to the money remaining in the garbage container and eventually being taken out of the bank with the rest of the waste to be sent to the municipal dump”.

Banco Popular affirms that this type of practice cannot be tolerated and that they are not normal procedures in the financial institution.

In the case analysis, The magistrates clarified that the former employee of Popular was never attributed malicious conduct; but the neglect in their functions caused a great loss to the bank.

Banco Popular issued a civil and disciplinary sanction for the former treasurer, which established the payment of 75% of the amount thrown away and the reimbursement of eight days of salary not received. The official appealed against those sanctions on behalf of Alfaro, who was charged the other 25% of the lost amount, however the request was rejected.

The ruling of the high court was based on a security video that made it possible to determine “that upon the return of the actress from her coffee time, in his cubicle was the receipt corresponding to the deposit of $25.000, which was archived without further ado”.

The legal director of Banco Popular, Armando Rojas, clarified that the events for which the official was fired are not frequent practices at the Bank and that at the time she was fired without employer liability.


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