What you should know about the European Union FTA(UE) and Central America.

Last 19 May of this year, the initial text of the FTA between Europe and Central America was signed. The above after more than 2 years of negotiations since they began in October of 2007.
Although it is true, we are used to hearing or reading the acronym TLC, for this particular case the term Association Agreement was used more since it involves more than the commercial part.. It also considers political collaboration and cooperation on other issues of interest to the countries involved..
Another interesting element of this negotiation process is that it was carried out under the region vs. region modality.. In other words, they negotiated two blocks. One made up of 27 countries that make up the European Union and the countries of the Central American bloc, namely Guatemala, Honduras, The Savior, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. By the way, at some point the business almost fell as a result of the abandonment of the Nicaraguan representatives in the seventh round of negotiations, given that a proposal presented was not accepted by the other Central American countries and even less by the EU..
The proposal presented consisted of the creation of a common regional credit fund with a value of sixty thousand million euros.
It is important to mention that despite what happened and after some political bickering, diplomacy and reason prevailed and the Association Agreement was signed benefiting Central America and especially our Tiquicia, which exports a 16% of its production to Europe. Bananas are among the products that are exported., pineapple, fruit juices, watermelon, tubers and ornamental plants. Other products that will sell more and better are sugar, café, rice and meat.
The signature that our president Laura Chinchilla made after a few days of exercising her position in Spain, it is just the beginning of a process that implies that the review is carried out, analysis and approval of said agreement. Apparently it won't be until the beginning of the 2011 to be taken to the Legislative Assembly. Will the same thing happen as with the FTA novel with the USA? let's hope not!
What do we gain with this agreement in Costa Rica and especially in our San Carlos where several of the aforementioned products are produced??
Easy…security, stability and duty-free sales to a market of more than five hundred million inhabitants. This is positive for people who like to work and are merchants of course.. In other words, our exporters who have to put on their gloves to do business in a globalized world and where we cannot ignore the bigger one wants to eat the smaller one..
For those of us who are not exporters? In other words, the majority of people in Costa Rica, we will be able to have more and better products such as apples, grape, cheeses, perfumes and cars among others to choose from. blessed right!
How we will be specifically affected in San Carlos and what some businessmen think about it? See it in our next article!

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