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Quick Mortgage Loans

Keep moving forward and take advantage of profitable business opportunity in Costa Rica or solve the unforeseen with fast private or bank mortgage loans. Also know in that, how and where to invest your money in Costa Rica, which is a country where you can develop your life and business project with more than positive results.

Private Mortgage Lenders

Find here the formal information of Quick Home Loans with Serious Private Lenders in Costa Rica in colones and dollars from $40.000.00 onwards, That will allow you to have the bridging loan to provide an immediate solution to your unforeseen event or to take advantage of that business opportunity right away.

Business Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans from ₡ and onwards with monthly installments from ₡12.000.00 between payment and interest so that you can do with the money… Almost anything!

Home Mortgage Loans

Home Mortgage Loans from ₡ Onward for you to build the house of your dreams, buy a new house or expand or remodel.

¡Pay ₡11.000.00 per month between payment and interest and less for every million of the mortgage loan requested!


What my clients say

Real Estate Consulting and Money Investments
We hire César's services, because he is a straight person, responsible, with extensive knowledge of the environment, excellent treatment and above all very professional. You earn customer trust with your expertise and poise in doing business; demonstrating absolute market management. We have obtained in the businesses in which we involve, excellent results. Fast and efficient.
Mayra Quirós Herrera
Real Estate Advisory
First of all I hired their services because shoemaker to your shoes. In other words, to achieve success, turn to the best in your field for what you need and by informing them that you were looking for, You guided me correctly with the best option and it was just what I needed and it facilitated the negotiation and the result is that thank God today we already have the property.
Ricardo Bejarado
Financial and Real Estate Advisory
I looked for him through recommendations from several people because my interest was to sell a property and he advised me on everything concerning that sale. Then through César I was able to make the sale of the property and I had help from César until I received the last payment for the property. I have also received advice from César on money investments and everything has turned out well. I recommend him as an upright person, honest and knowledgeable in sales and investments.
Rosy Quirós Herrera

Clients I've Worked With


Cesar mora navarro

My name is César Mora Navarro and my purpose is to influence a million generations so that they enjoy a harmonious life and integral overabundance.

It is necessary to inform that my training is in business administration with an emphasis on banking and finance. I worked more than 13 years in financial institutions in different positions related to financial services, investments, credits, sales and management.

Today I have more than 12 years of experience as a real estate consultant affiliated with the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers of Costa Rica, affiliate 2717 and from the 2011 I develop my company CREDINVER offering credit advisory services, money investments, real estate and business in sales issues, internet business and marketing, business plans and customer service.

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